Terms and Conditions
Our Terms and Condition applies to this website and all its contents thereof.

This website is owned and manages by Newton Electric Limited formally Durable's (Electrical) International. For the purposes of this website, "seller", "we", "us" and "our" all refer www.electrical.com.ng

All content of this website both in image and words, can be modify, updated, removed and change at any time without notice to any group,user or person,in writing and in words and it becomes effective when updated at any time on this website. It is every customer’s statutory duty to be aware to read our terms and conditions always to be guided with it. Your use of this website in any manner is wholly bound by the terms and condition.

Your continued use indicates, you have agreed to the acceptance of the terms and condition accordingly. Not contacting us by our means of communication before the use of this website regarding, if you have misunderstanding of the terms and condition, means you have read and understood it and have be clarified. By browsing this website, you are governed by the Laws. No litigation of any form will be accepted.

Regulation and condition of use

Use of the Site:
By making order on this online electrical store, you accept to be of age according to the laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria, that you will be responsible for your  actions thereof both in group and in person.

If you are not in agreement with the terms and condition of this website, please disengage yourself from continue, not refraining off this online store both parties  have agreed they are in accordance and bound by the conditions. We have given you the right to make use of this website for shopping products and services and making purchases of items sold only on this website for personal and  commercial use for groups or organization, except as explicitly permitted by us in advance through writing only.

You are to use this site in accordance with our terms and conditions stated thereof to shop for goods and services displayed on this site only and not for any third  party and group of individuals, you stand to be liable for your actions during the cause of all transactions.

Accessing our personal file such as servers, storage devices, code files etc or altering, infringing any of our contents without our official permission from us is  explicitly prohibited. If you go against our terms and condition of use, you stand be denied access to any of our content and necessary action will be taken against you.

Should you are required to register to access services or information on this website it is mandatory you provide us with your correct details where need be and update it time to time as the cause maybe and you stand to be responsible for the safety of your password and username used during registration on this website to prevent any unauthorized use of your personal information for any transaction.

You are sole responsible for any use of your username and password on this website and we cannot be directly or indirectly liable for your failure to secure and  prevent any third party from using your account.

For any user of our website you stand to be receiving promotional offers in emails or through SMS from us to keep you abreast with happening and you can opt-out by using unsubscribing bottom.

User Submissions:
All details of user's enter into our website goes directly into our Database and remains our sole information in relation to you where need be.

In a case where you post comment or suggestion in any Column of this website, we have the full right to remove or edit any Submissions or make use of it without any  permission from you in connection to your content and details.

You have no right whatsoever to use fake information to prevent your real identity from us or any third party, we have the right to hand you over to the appropriate  authority where need be.

Information Available on Website:
The contents on this website is only a brief information of the items displayed and it subject to change without any written permission from any user, we have taken  necessary steps to ensure it brief and actual product may vary in appearance from image displayed.

All products display or listed on the website are not manufactured by us
Newton Electric Limited, Durable's Electrical, any opinions in regards to the product information will be welcome by us through writing officially and any post from user do not reflect any of our ideas.

Accessibility of Website:
We have all the full right to bring down the entire website if need be for maintenance, update or due to down time from the host company or server side fault that is  beyond our control without permission from user's, during any of these period your cooperation and patent will be appreciated, it is our duties to ensure our website  can be access 24/7 without queue or delay.

Links and Third Party Website:
Links to other website/blog post through comments or suggestions in any way are not affiliated to us and you stand the risk to bear the consequences of such click by you and we take no responsibility thereof unless endorse by us as a partner in line with our business and it will be explicitly displayed by us.

Take note also any promotion, advert, sales of any item post through comments or suggestions are not and will not be from us, you are advice to stay away from such advert for your own good and if you proceed with any business transaction in such nature we take no responsibility whatsoever that may lead to your bitter experience using our website.

You stand to be banned for life creating link to other website without a writing permission from us and we have the right to cancel or delete your account.

Intellectual Rights:
You are warned not to copy, transfer, edit, store, print, transmit, circulate or design like nature of any contents of this website for third party, commercial or  personal use, unauthorized use of these contents are strictly prohibited.

You have agreed to adhere to the rules governing the use of this website by registering or by visiting this website weather direct or indirectly and you are to  protect it intellectual rights and all it contents therein use for this website, ignorance to any rules, terms and condition of this website will not be excused. Usage of any material or it contents will only be authorized by us officially.

Information Protection:
All information entered during the cause of registration will be stored inline with our privacy right. 

We (staff, workers, courier agents, employees, management) cannot be indemnify or held responsible from any claims in related to your breach of rules and terms and  condition of use of this website.

Assigning your rights or obligations to any other person will not be acceptable by us unless a writing official permission have been written to you.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction:
 These rules, Terms and condition shall be within the confines of the laws of Nigeria and it can only be interpreter in any courts of Nigeria.

Should there be any claims from any user in related to rules governing the use of the terms and condition, each party should seek first a mature settlement outside  the law court and if parties involves are not satisfied there after an arbitration can follow. The arbitrator must be a certified lawyer of Federation of Nigeria.

Durable's Electrical have full right to terminate any privilege of use given any register user/member anytime dime fit or legal rights without any prior notice to any one and deny your access of the use of your user name and password, internet provided(IP) to our website, in like manner we cannot be responsible for any consequences in regards to the termination.

If you cannot oblige with the rules or terms and conditions, guidelines, policies that make up the use of this website from Durable's Electrical, it will be to your  best interest to discontinue.

Terms and Conditions of Sale:

You must be of age to use this website and will there be any portion of it rules, Terms and Conditions that is not understand by you, it your duty to write us for  explanation before going ahead in making any purchase.

Formation of Contract:
An order remain a request and can only be valid when part/full payment is paid through any of our payment options and can only be treated when part/full payment is  confirmed into our account or received by a staff at our pickup venue office only.

We advice detail information of your address be provided to enable use deliver your items fast to avoid further delay or misinterpretation of the city or town of  location of buyer, in a situation where such detailed is not provided, we stand not to be blame in delay of your goods that may be experienced.

It our responsibility to accept an order or cancel or refuse to honor a request for various cases base on reason best known to us.

Means of Communication:
Our means of communication will only primarily remain legitimate through;

Emails: info@electrical.com.ng, sales@electrical.com.ng, account@electrical.com.ng

Tell: 08139131326, (WhatsApp) 07034590969, 08052810737. 

Payment and Pricing:
Due to circumstances beyond our control unknown to us about the prices showed for any item in error or not visible enough correctly on the website, it our statutory  duty to accept an order or cancel or refuse to honor a purchase request on that mispriced item even when payment have been made into our account or office, within 24  hours your refund will be paid back to you and a notification will be sent in this regards.

Use of Voucher Codes:
We accept voucher codes place for promotional services on our website which grant you more privilege to order goods at a discounted rate, you can also take advantage  of our very discounted rate offered only to Esteem customers. Please note also our voucher codes for promotional offer cannot be replace for cash and we have statutory right to make a voucher code invalid at any time.

Liabilities of Parties on www.electrical.com.ng
We have made our website open to third parties to sell their goods and services or advertise their products and services, therefore not all offers are, owned, sold or  listed by us, it will be to your own good to confirm from us through our means of communication when you want to carry out any transaction between any third parties.

The sole aim of this website is for registered members to gain from the vast areas of knowledge shared with one another either through comments or shared personal experiences, so therefore any form of extortion of fellow readers/members is not welcome.

Any information that is misleading or unverified should not be shared.The use of bad languages or cursing in comments is not allowed, also adverts or the likes are not allowed in the comments section, ensure to contact us for any verification.

You agree that you would be held reliable from any transactions carried out between any third party if the rules of the above procedure is not followed by you, We  (Staff, workers, courier agents, employees, management) cannot be indemnify or held responsible from any claims in related to your breach of rules and terms and  condition of use of this website, for all transactions conducted on the www.electrical.com.ng

Delivery of items are only offered now for customers within Nigeria, we cannot be liable for failure due to situation directly or indirectly beyond our control or negligence from customers visit our delivery policy or terms and conditions to find out more.

Return Policy:
Find out our “Return Policy” on our Site by clicking the menu.